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Diverse Environmental Stresses Elicit Distinct Responses at the Level of Pre-mRNA Processing in Yeast

by Megan Bergkessel, Gregg B. Whitworth and Christine Guthrie.


You can find the published manuscript here, and track related articles through NCBI here.

The following flow diagram summarizes the data analysis scheme used to process microarray results for this manuscript, with links to downloads for data files and supplementary images:

Image analysis

Raw image analysis data for each array can be downloaded from GEO as .gpr (GenePix Results) files here.

Ratio normalization

The first step of the data preprocessing involves normalizing spot ratios within array groups. The results of this analysis are also available from GEO, as sample records associated with this array series.

Application of quality filters and replicate averaging

The initial image preprocessing results are then subjected to quality control filters and replicate values are averaged to produce the datatables which are used for clustering and other higher order analysis. You can download the fully preprocessed data files as a zip archive here. File names in this archive match the experiment labels described in our GEO series record.

If you are primarily interested in clustering the data to explore specific gene behaviors in a view like TreeView, you can download source files where standard names have been replaced with common names and process annotations here.

Clustering analysis

In addition to the figures presented in the manuscript a large number of additional clusters are available in our Supplement Image archive.