Passing data between sub-projects

write.table(jd, "data/jd-factorized.txt")

jdFact <- read.table("data/jd-factorized.txt")

Welcome to the Hadleyverse:

Tidyr & dplyr

Both packages are already installed, so they can be loaded with library:


For example, if we want to convert the object task columns to a tidyr format:

jdTidy <- tidyr::gather( jdFact[c(1, 10:ncol(jdFact))]
                       , key   = "Complexity"
                       , value = "ObjectAve"
                       , ObjectsSimpleAve
                       , ObjectComplexAve


Here are some things to try out:

  • Use the data and formula syntax to do a regression with lm
  • Use t.test to do a one- or two-sample t-test
  • Use aov to do an ANOVA
  • Use the density or lines functions to spice up your graphs

You should be able to figure these functions out with the information we've covered!

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